Organizations are often unaware of alternatives to booking with commercial airlines when planning for travel. Offering significant cost savings, chartering an entire aircraft can pay off compared to booking seats with a commercial airliner. With your own aircraft, you are also in full control of scheduling, including departure and arrival times, and gain access to airports and destinations not typically served by commercial airliners. Specific needs related to cargo, check-in and catering can be met flexibly.

Guaranteeing close personal and professional follow-up throughout, we meet the transportation needs of  your organization from early planning phases until completion of the final leg. Our firm boasts more than 30 years of experience in brokering commercial jets, business jets and cargo jets for customers inside and and outside the Nordic countries. We work closely with governments, organizations and private firms across Europe.

Do not hesitate to getting in touch with us to learn how a chartered commercial aircraft could meet the travel needs of your organization.